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Enter our Laboratory

Are you trying to get more information about how sprayable vinyl works?

Did you just get your shipment in the mail and realize you have no idea how to apply the product?

Have you gotten lost on the internet and don’t know what year it is?

No matter your journey, the Superwrap Labs are here to help.

Our Superwrap Labs series is all about covering the basics when it comes to Superwrap. With many of our episodes covering topics that can be useful for other DIY paint or dip projects, our Labs will give teach you everything there is to know about selecting, prepping, spraying, maintaining and touching up your Superwrap project. 

Here are the three first episodes of our series!

An essential part of Superwrap (or any paint job for that matter) is the base coat. To get the results and color you are after, getting the base coat right is crucial.

Proper surface preparation is key when applying any coating. Watch us take you through a step by step guide on geting that perfect prep!

Are you hesitating between a few colors? Are you wondering what the heck our Metallic Series is all about? Hit that little play button below and get ready to be schooled on Superwrap Metallics!

Can't get enough? Looking for more?

You can watch our entire Superwrap Lab series, and much more wrap-related content on our Youtube channel at all times by clicking on that beautiful red button down there.