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Showcasing 4 Projects

The 4 Best Ways of Changing Your Wheel Color

Alex’s experience with giving his cars a personal touch has brought him to try the four most popular ways of altering a set of wheels. From DIY to professional applications, from super cheap to breaking the bank, find out what options are out there if you’re trying to make your car stand out!

Motorcycle Diaries

If you’re looking for a perfect new Superwrap project but have already completely decked out your car (or you don’t have one) then why not try spraying your two-wheeled toys? Whether it’s gas or leg powered, chances are your bike is ready and eligible for a fresh look. 

Check out our motorcycle study.

The Lowdown: Spray Like A Pro

Your Superwrap finish will only be as good as your application process. Lucky for you, Vince and Alex have a complete guide to everything Superwrap in a multi-part series called Superwrap Labs.

If you had any unanswered questions, grab a cold beverage, a quick snack and get ready to be schooled!

Aerosols or Gallons?

If you’ve ever sprayed paint, dip or wrap, you’ve most likely asked yourself what the best medium is for your project. Aerosols are readily available and require little to no equipment. Gallons can be more cost effective and result in better results, but you’ll need to have a few essential pieces of kit to get the job done right. 


How do you choose?